Deepak Bajracharya - Allare

Allare is a story reflecting on the joy, a group of people experience unexpectedly. While on a concert tour, their car breaks down and they are left stranded on isolated roads. They get rejoiced after finding a local bus, coming their way. All seats are full and they have to sit on-top the bus. A refreshing emotion grabs them, being in nature, travelling along new open roads. They are reminded of the simple and free spirited world. A simple tune written from the melodies of the sweet and simple things in life.. Vocal By: Deepak Bajracharya Music By: Deepak Bajracharya/Rhythm Band Lyrics By: Ricky Shakya Music Arranged By: Deepak Bajracharya Audio Mixed By: Firoj Bajracharya Artists: Prakash/Deepjyoti/ Roshani Camera: Arjun Tiwari & Team Edit: Bharat Regmi Direction: Subrat Acharya Drone Operator: Debin Rai Thank you for watching. Like, Comment and Subscribe if you liked the video. #New #Nepalisong #NepaliVideo #MusicVideo #NewNepaliSong Find Deepak Bajracharya on: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/deepakbajracharya/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/deepakbajracharya/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/dpkbajra Official website: http://www.deepakbajracharya.com.np http://www.deepakbajracharya.com Subscribe to the official deepak Bajracharya channel : https://www.youtube.com/deepakbajracharya

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